Tom La Marche

Tom La Marche from Skitch on Vimeo.

Dejo una entrevista hecha a Tom por parte de FiXie PiXie

1. How's life Tom?
2. The Tom that I have known 3 years ago, what are the changes in 2010?
New bike, no hair.
3. What are the achievements you've got so far?
4. Being said that, within these 3 years, what did you learn? Besides,getting all the tricks on perfection.
Respect, Morals, Loyalty, Responsibility.
5. We all knew by now that you were ranked 1st at the Midwest Mayhem TrickComp, how did you do that?
I feel like Wonka should have took first.
6. As of now, who are you endorsed to?
Charge Bikes, Profile Racing, Hold Fast, Velocity, and SAG have all helped me out a ton.
7. High School ended, what's next for you?
Don't get trapped in a life of agony.
8. Where are you right now? Working life's good?
I'm at home. Works just work.
9. Do you have a nickname in the fixed gear scene?
10. What do you fancy beside bikes?
Travel, music, graffiti, skateboarding, being an asshole.

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